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00:01 In this section, we’ll take a look at vertigo, dizziness, and syncope.

00:05 Let’s begin.

00:07 Vertigo with dizziness.

00:09 Dizziness, what is it?Vague term with many meanings in different people.

00:14 Lightheadedness perhaps, disequilibrium, unsteadiness,vertigo.

00:21 But what is actual vertigo?A hallucination of self or environmental movement.

00:29 Most commonly rotational, but can be linear.

00:32 Usually indicates acute asymmetry between the vestibular nuclei.

00:37 Ever seen a carand you see the car the next to you that’s moving andyou feel like, “Oh, my goodness!I forgot to put my foot on the break,”as an example.

00:47 Tinnitus:Spontaneous perception of sound,typically ringing or buzzing.

00:53 And with tinnitus, remember,you could have a particular a brain tumor we talked about,a primary brain tumor known as schwannoma, which is an acoustic neuroma.

01:05 Anything that may cause disruption to the eighth cranial nerve perhaps,resulting in this altered perception of sound.

01:12 The differentials for vertigo:spontaneous,single prolonged episode,maybe it’s the damage to the vestibular neuronitis or to the nerve of it.

01:23 Or what about the labyrinthine?In other words, think about the labyrinthinethat we have in our middle ear, huh?Unbelievable that’s it’s able to then move from the middle ear to the inner ear.

01:33 We go from that type of percussion and then it then travels through a fluid.

01:39 Every single time I think about it, it’s amazing.

01:41 Anyhow, labyrinthine concussion or lateral medullary or cerebellar infarction.

01:48 Spontaneous vertigo.

01:50 Recurrent episodes.

01:52 This maybe could be found with Meniere's disease,Meniere's disease.

01:57 We have perilymphatic fistula,migraines,and we have postural circulation type of ischemia.

02:06 Positional vertigo:Peripheral.

02:08 We have something called benign positional paroxysmal vertigo, BPPV.

02:14 Central:Stroke, tumor, or your multiple sclerosis plaques.

02:20 Remember these?Demyelinating,especially around the ventricles,may then follow the paraventricular veins.

02:27 I’m going to call that Dawson’s fingers.

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Vertigo (1958)


Vertigo: Introduction

Vertigo: Vertigo is the sensation that the room is moving or spinning, or that the person is moving or spinning within the environment. The term "dizziness" is often used for milder ... more about Vertigo.

Vertigo: The odd balance sensation of inappropriate spinning or movement of the environment. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Vertigo is available below.

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Vertigo is a feeling of movement, a sensation as if the external world were revolving around the patient (objective vertigo) or as if he himself were revolving in space (subjective vertigo). Vertigo is medically distinct from dizziness, lightheadedness, and unsteadiness. - (Source - Diseases Database)

A reeling sensation; feeling about to fall - (Source - WordNet 2.1)

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